Download book The Style Guy

Original Title The Style Guy
Rating 3.26
ISBN 0345427270
ISBN13 9780345427274
Publicate Ballantine Books
Number Pages 268 pages
Publish Date 2000 by Glenn O&apos.Brien

"Style isn't fashion.
Fashion is about what everybody's doing, what everybody's wearing.
Style is about what you're doing, what you're wearing.""""

As the no-nonsense columnist for Details magazine, Glenn O'Brien has helped thousands of guys naturally develop their own unique sense of style. Now he can help you. Here is practical, down-to-earth advice on dress, manners, sex, grooming, and dating--including cigar and cell-phone etiquette, tips on ordering wine in restaurants, and the cold, hard facts on cutoff jeans, ribbed tank tops, black shoes with white socks, and the age-old conundrum: boxers or briefs.

What's the difference between a ticket pocket and a fob pocket? A raconteur and a loudmouth?
Does slipping a maitre d' a tip like they do in the movies get you a better table?
How do you tell your date that she has spinach in her teeth?
What's the best thing to say to someone when you've prematurely ejaculated?
What do you wear with a brown suit?

If guys (and their girlfriends) are wondering about it, then O'Brien has the answers. Having style was never so easy!"

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