Download book The New Kitchen Garden: Complete Resource Guide to Planning, Planting, and Growing an Abundant Garden in Your Own Backyard (Cooking Well)

Original Title
Rating 3.00
ISBN 157826331X
ISBN13 9781578263318
Publicate Hatherleigh Press
Number Pages 144 pages
Publish Date 2010 by Anna Krusinski

From the White House to your neighbor’s backyard, it seems like everyone is planting a kitchen garden these days. With increasing amounts of pesticides and chemicals being added to many fruits and vegetables, it is no surprise that so many people are looking for healthier, natural alternatives to store-bought produce. One of the safest—and most enjoyable—ways to get fresh produce is to grow your own  kitchen garden. Not only can it provide your family with quality fruits and vegetables, but it is also an opportunity to bring beauty, color, and life to your backyard.
From the Editors of Cooking Well comes The New Kitchen Garden, a new guide which provides an extensive selection of nutritious, delicious recipes that can bring the healthfulness of your garden right to your dinner table. Cooking Well's The New Kitchen Garden features simple and delicious recipes designed to highlight the tastes of fresh ingredients from your very own garden. The perfect book for those who already have a garden or want to start one, this title also includes tips on gardening, harvesting, canning, and preserving.
These simple, delicious recipes highlight homegrown ingredients and encourage the rewarding connection between gardening and enjoying fresh, healthful meals made from your own backyard. The New Kitchen Garden features easy-to-follow recipes, along with simple instructions and tips on how to start your own kitchen garden and preserve your harvest to enjoy fresh ingredients throughout the year.
In these frugal times, more and more Americans are turning to their own backyards as a source for fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables. Using ingredients from your own garden is a great way to save money and feel assured by the source of your produce.
With Cooking Well's The New Kitchen Garden, you don't need to be an experienced chef to enjoy the fresh flavors of produce from your garden. Quick and easy recipes make it possible for anyone to enjoy their homegrown ingredients in delicious new ways. 
In addition, The New Kitchen Garden also includes:
•     Tips on starting a kitchen garden and how to harvest fruits and vegetables
•     Instructions for canning and preserving so you can enjoy your harvest year round
•     Healthy cooking tips to preserve the nutrients in your produce
With Cooking Well's The New Kitchen Garden, you don't need to be an experienced chef to enjoy the fresh flavors of produce from your garden.

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