Download book Nothing But The Truth (Little Secrets, #5)

Original Title Nothing But The Truth (Little Secrets, #5)
Rating 4.20
ISBN 0439867215
ISBN13 9780439867214
Publicate Scholastic Paperbacks
Number Pages 160 pages
Publish Date 2008 by Emily Blake

Hidden Pasts. Unexpected Betrayals. Twisted Friendships. Sweet Revenge. The twists keep coming--and no secrets are safe.

Rule One for heartbreakers: Don't fall in love. But is ice queen Kelly starting to melt?
For Alison, this is the moment of truth. Will her big lie come back to haunt her?
Zoey owes a favor that she knows she can't refuse. Is she making amends...or walking into a trap?
Chad is missing a key piece of his past. Whose version of the truth will he choose to believe?
Tom messed up, big-time, so he's trying to set things right. Is he willing to give up what his heart wants most?

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