Download book Like a Thorn

Original Title Like a Thorn
Rating 3.19
ISBN 0385735642
ISBN13 9780385735643
Publicate Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Number Pages 128 pages
Publish Date 2008 by Clara Vidal

MELIE’S MOTHER IS sometimes nice, sometimes mean—prone to erratic behavior that Melie does her best to cope with. As a young girl, she invents rituals to protect herself from her mother’s moods. but as Melie becomes a teenager, the years of tiptoeing around her own home take their toll, and Melie sinks into increasing unhappiness. No one understands her situation.
No one understands that Melie is treated like a thorn in her mother’s side. Since Melie’s mother isn’t capable of change, it’s up to Melie to find the strength to break free.

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