Download book Jazz Piano Voicings: An Essential Resource for Aspiring Jazz Musicians

Original Title Jazz Piano Voicings: An Essential Resource for Aspiring Jazz Musicians
Rating 4.00
ISBN 0634050532
ISBN13 9780634050534
Publicate Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
Number Pages 202 pages
Publish Date 2004 by Rob Mullins

"(Keyboard Instruction). The jazz idiom can often appear mysterious and difficult for musicians who were trained to play other types of music. Long-time performer and educator Rob Mullins helps players enter the jazz world by providing voicings that will help the player develop skills in the jazz genre and start sounding professional right away without years of study! Includes a """"Numeric Voicing Chart,"""" chord indexes in all 12 keys, info about what range of the instrument you can play chords in, and a beginning approach to bass lines."

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