Download book Healing For A Woman's Emotions: Released from Damaging Thoughts and Feelings

Original Title Healing for a Woman's Emotions
Rating 4.38
ISBN 1599790548
ISBN13 9781599790541
Publicate Charisma House
Number Pages 224 pages
Publish Date 2006 by Paula Sandford

"It's time to love yourself the way God loves you! Whether you have been abused, lost a child, are married to an addict, lived through a divorce, gotten an abortion, or have trouble connecting with your teenager(s) at home, here is a message of hope and healing that hears the anguished cries of your heart.

Down-to-earth Christian counseling for women who want to make changes and improvements! Handling emotions is tricky business, but Paula Sandford takes it even one step further and encourages Christians to do so in redemptive and constructive ways. In this timeless classic, she delivers a message of hope and healing and speaks directly to the hearts of women of all ages. """"I feel as if Paula Sandford knows me, and her book is like a personal counseling session. She is in tune with the feelings of women today."""" Healing for a Woman's Emotions offers sensitive and liberating insights that will help readers: Cope with feelings, Deal with grief and sorrow, Identify sources of pain, Express emotions, Sort through confusing signals, and Experience emotional wholeness."

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