Download book Dollar Bill Origami

Original Title Dollar Bill Origami
Rating 3.75
ISBN 0486429822
ISBN13 9780486429823
Publicate Dover Publications
Number Pages 128 pages
Publish Date 2003 by John Montroll

Origami enthusiasts find it particularly enjoyable and challenging to create models from dollar bills rather than traditional origami paper. This book by origami expert John Montroll, with several contributors, explains how to make 37 figures and objects by folding money.
Step-by-step instructions and clear diagrams show paper folders at all levels of expertise how to fashion everything from common objects such as a house with a chimney to inspired plants, birds, and other animals. A swan and boat should be easy for beginners. A windmill, peacock, pelican, and tree will suit the skills of intermediate-level hobbyists. while an alligator, a flower, and a bison should prove to be no problem for advanced practitioners of this age-old art.

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