Download book Aesthetics in Feminist Perspective

Original Title Aesthetics in Feminist Perspective
Rating 3.00
ISBN 0253207746
ISBN13 9780253207746
Publicate Indiana University Press
Number Pages 272 pages
Publish Date 1993 by Hilde S. Hein

"A first-rate introduction to the field, accessible to scholars working from a variety of disciplinary and theoretical perspectives. Highly recommended... """" --Choice

.."""". offers both broad theoretical considerations and applications to specific art forms, diverse methodological perspectives, and healthy debate among the contributors.... [an] outstanding volume."""" --Philosophy and Literature

.."""". this volume represents an eloquent and enlightened attempt to reconceptualize the field of aesthetic theory by encouraging its tendencies toward openness, self-reflexivity and plurality."""" --Discourse &. Society

""""All of the authors challenge the traditional notion of a pure and disinterested observer that does not allow for questions of race/ethnicity, class, sexual preference, or gender."""" --Signs

These essays examine the intellectual traditions of the philosophy of art and aesthetics. Containing essays by scholars and by the writer Marilyn French, the collection ranges from the history of aesthetic theory to a philosophical reflection on fashion. The contributions are unified by a sustained scrutiny of the nature of """"feminist,"""" """"feminine,"""" or """"female"""" art, creativity, and interpretation."

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