Download book "We Are Still Here"""": American Indians in the Twentieth Century"

Original Title We Are Still Here: American Indians in the Twentieth Century (American History Series)
Rating 3.58
ISBN 0882959409
ISBN13 9780882959405
Publicate Wiley-Blackwell
Number Pages 255 pages
Publish Date 1997 by Peter Iverson

Too often textbook accounts of American Indians end with the massacre at Wounded Knee, but the story of American Indians is an ongoing one. In this remarkable feat of inclusion, Professor Iverson begins at Wounded Knee and tells the stories of Indian communities throughout the United States, including not only political leaders and activists, but also professionals, artists, soldiers and athletes-men and women who have throughout this century worked to carry on time-honored traditions even as they created new ones.

Though appropriate attention is paid to federal officials and policies, We Are Still Here centers on Indian country-on the decisions and actions of Indian individuals-in its discussion of urbanization, economic development, cultural revitalization, identity, and sovereignty.

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